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John Moore was one of the great originals of 1980s British design that sadly died prematurely in 1989.  Yet his quintessential British shoe design influence is still felt today


As well as working with Vivienne Westwood, under his own label Moore created some of the seminal shoe designs of the 1980s.  Over two decades, before Dalston became the focal point for artists and designers that it is today, John Moore opened ‘The House of Beauty and Culture’ on Stamford Road in Dalston Junction.  It quickly developed into one of those generation-defining cult locations, attracting London's underground youth culture.  The House of Beauty and Culture was built around the John Moore shoe collection but became etched into fashion history because it brought together a group of the most exciting and inspiring creators under one roof.


The House of Beauty and Culture had a distinctive style, with a metal grille on its windows and a floor surface that was studded with coins from around the world.  Moore’s shoes sat very comfortably in this setting; they could have a heavy serrated sole, squared off toes or ribbon laces, giving the feeling they belonged to a 20th Century Artful Dodger. 


In 1985 John Moore approached Chris Derham from ‘London Trading Ltd’ to help develop his shoe designs, Chris had a wealth of industry experience in English shoemaking, which launched the John Moore label into the manufacturing sales arena.  John Moore went on to develop new editions to the collection with Chris. Sadly John Moore died in 1989 and Chris has been left an archive that until now was relatively unseen, and the ethos behind John Moore’s design and vision was relatively forgotten. Until now …. 


John Moore -Reimagined is launched this season, into the 21st Century. With the relaunch of John Moore's original classic toe strap boot with leather soles from his original lasts and designs. Bringing together a group of the most exciting and inspiring British creators under one roof to create collections alongside the John Moore shoe brand.  The first collection for AW2018 is a knitwear collaboration with designer Frances Dove, Royal College of Art graduate and co-founder of Trompe l'oeil brand InsideOut, a favourite with the renowned Sarah Andelman former owner of the concept store, Colette.  With inspiration drawn from our John Moore archives, this fine merino printed knitwear is the first collection to sit alongside the expanding John Moore -collaborations now stocked in Comme de Garcons Trading Museum Japan and 10 Corso Como in Milan. Collaborations for next season, include original HABOC member, the legendary knitwear designer Richard Torry. Creative Inspirational hat designers from the 1980s, Bernstock Spiers, Punk legend Jamie Reid, and Original Creeper shoe designer George Cox.

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